• GappzPro heißt jetzt Gammaquant
    Umbenennung des YT Kanals!
  • Super Mario World vs. Super Mario Run
    Ein Spiel der alten Schule auf dem einstigen Super Nintendo gegen ein modernes mobile Game Spiel? Geht das überhaupt? Schwierig…. aber mal ehrlich, ein Handy hat jeder immer dabei, wäre es nicht super auch gute Spiele darauf spielen zu können? Manche kennen Super Mario World auf dem SNES gar nicht […]
  • How to get overview mobile games
    Yes there are millions of mobile Games and Apps – how to get an overview about it? Not only the AAA-title, also small developer. How to find them? How to pick up the best game for you? Check out App Stores Yes you could search at the App Store and […]
  • Future of mobile gaming
    The gaming market changed when mobile devices became more popular. Almost everyone is using a smartphone all over the world. Everyone has access to the app stores. But due to the limitations of the screen size, graphic power and the battery the using of games reduce possibilities. Also the time […]
  • Developing mobile game in 2020
    Developing a mobile game in 2020 is much more difficult, despite high demands. The competition is getting higher and higher. Ther are billions of Apps and Games on the stores. Quality is more important I looked into the App Stores and typed “racing game” and there are so much games […]
  • Minecraft: Earth: Playing outside
    In some countries it is already downloadable in the final version. In some others, like Germany, it is still in the early access phase. Nevertheless you can test it extensively. Like in pokemon go, you have to go out and visit locations via GPS. There you can get different things […]
  • SKY: Childrens of light alluded
    The new Journey pendant is finally out. It is available for Android and iOs for free. Huge online aspect The game contains similar mechanics as Journey. Here you can fly as well, interact with the companions and animals or even have a similar game world. The changes are in the […]
  • Mobile Let’s Plays
    You are afraid because there are mostly AAA-games lets played? No problem, now you found my channel. I comment every video of a let’s played game or even reviewing some apps. Watching & Relaxing You will find playing mobile games is boring or in the opposite you like them? You […]
  • Construct 2 – Develop your own game
    Easy game creation? Yes, that is possible and there is a very comprehensive range of programs for game creation. The offers range from 2D to 3D game development. In this entry I will concentrate on the 2D variants. Why create a game? First and foremost the development of your own […]
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