Developing mobile game in 2020

Developing a mobile game in 2020 is much more difficult, despite high demands. The competition is getting higher and higher. Ther are billions of Apps and Games on the stores.

Quality is more important

I looked into the App Stores and typed “racing game” and there are so much games with the same concept. Which user will scroll 300+ games down to find the best?

You need to be more uniqe – one selling point which differs from the other. Think about to improve the mobile programme in that way.

Advertisments will become more important

Not only advertising will become more important you need to find all kind off ways to create interest on the mobile players and users.

Early Access could be also some kind of advertising like Minecraft did in the past.

Don’t give up

The thing is, yes the market is competitive but it was always so. And: There will be always some kind of market. The users and players need more. There is no stagnation. Yes, it could last much longer until it will be successfull, but the chance it always available.

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SKY: Childrens of light alluded

The new Journey pendant is finally out. It is available for Android and iOs for free.

Huge online aspect

The game contains similar mechanics as Journey. Here you can fly as well, interact with the companions and animals or even have a similar game world. The changes are in the details, so you have a much bigger and less straightforward game world. The focus is also more on the social area. You now have much more possibilities to interact with online players.

Flying through skys is a part of the game

Free to play change kind of playing

Even though Sky on mobile devices is mainly free-to-play and indirectly monetized, it is definitely worth a look. The graphics are beautiful and definitely requires a powerful device. However, if you expect a relaxed single player title á la Journey or something completely new from Thatgamecompany, like The Jourmey once did, you’ll be a bit disappointed here.

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